Our favorite products

FRUITSETCOSMETIQUES is proud to work with suppliers whose raw materials come from organic farming and/or fair trade.

It is also an honor for us to offer you cosmetic products handmade by women who are extraordinary artisans, passionate, talented, respectful of your skin and the planet.

Finally, we favor solid, effective and less polluting cosmetics. Indeed, solid cosmetics have proven their effectiveness and require less packaging, so less plastic less water and are more economical because their duration of use is much longer.

Small solid products and prices

  1. Sensitive skin deodorant: €9
  2. Neutral deodorant: €9
  3. Make-up remover with sweet almond oil: 10€
  4. Solid shampoo for normal to oily hair: (12€)
  5. Solid shampoo normal to dry hair (12€)

Natural deodorants for sensitive skin