About Us

Who are we?

Fruitsetcosmetiques offers organic and natural cosmetic products for everyone: women, men, children, with curly, frizzy, smooth hair, normal, dry or oily skin, problem skin, sensitive, fragile and delicate, acne-prone or suffering from eczema. . Our cosmetic products are selected for their quality and effectiveness. We also offer complete boxes with ingredients, materials and recipe for the manufacture of homemade cosmetics.

We deliver everywhere in France, Europe, Canada and the United States.

Origin of the project: Why FRUITSETCOSMETIQUES?

To promote cosmetic treatments that are more respectful of the planet, cleaner, more suited to the needs of each skin type.

Why this name?

Fruitsetcosmetiques because our products are composed of ingredients from nature. Thanks to their 100% natural composition, our cosmetics are fresh, they smell good of exotic fruits and green plants that soothe, invite you to travel, without forgetting their many benefits on the skin and hair.

Our strong points?

-The high quality of all our products thanks to the noble ingredients that compose them (macadamia, nigella, hemp, olive, argan oil, shea butter, rose water, donkey milk, honey, oils essential…).

-We are committed to sustainable development and the green economy. we favor products that contain ingredients from organic farming and fair trade

-We favor national, local French production. We value French brands that do an excellent job and deserve consumer recognition.

-Finally, our products are handcrafted by committed professionals.